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In this guide, you'll learn how to move your farm indoors and use vertical growing techniques to increase production without increasing square footage.

The Future of Farming is Indoors

Indoor vertical farming saves space and valuable resources, regardless of climate conditions or time of year. Adding automation to vertical agriculture produces higher yields for local food production that traditional farming cannot deliver.

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Why the Technology in Indoor Farming is so Important

Growth in indoor agriculture has been rapid, and the indoor farming technology market is projected to grow to over $64 billion by 2023. Agriculture needs to adapt to meet the growing population, make crops less vulnerable to climate change, and provide more consistent yields.
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Why Did We Create this Guide?

Rising temperatures and more frequent droughts caused by global warming are obstacles making traditional farming methods increasingly inefficient and unpredictable. At Growlink, we're here to help growers simplify their farms for a more sustainable future.

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