How we grow crops has changed considerably in the last 20 years. With the advent of agricultural technology, farmers and enthusiasts need to be tech savy to survive. Get the latest in everything ag-tech in our new e-book, The Future of Indoor Farming.

In this guide you will learn:

  • Updates in agriculture technology
  • Controlling your greenhouse environment
  • Solutions for growing up, instead of out
  • Advances in fertigation and irrigation
  • Data analytics, artificial intelligence and forcasting

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"Whenever I called Growlink for help, they immediately called me back, answered my questions, and resolved my concerns, even though I'm a small customer. It gave me more confidence in what I was doing as a grower to have that level of support."

Connor Smith - Owner, Zen River

"The Growlink system allows us to streamline the growing environment. They have created a user-friendly interface which allows us to control all of our growing environments from anywhere - extremely helpful for inputting data and increasing productivity." Gregory added. He is especially pleased to have the ability to adjust his greenhouse automation remotely, through the use of the Growlink App.

Gregory Zuckert - Head of Cultivation, Harvest HOC