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Developing a Greenhouse Control Specification

For growers looking to amplify their control systems in order to gain more control and optimize their growing environments, implementing thoughtfully crafted control specifications is the solution.

In our e-book, Developing a Greenhouse Control Specification, we discuss not only the importance of greenhouse control specifications, but also the exact requirements needed for implementing them in your growing operation.

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How Container Farming Can Give Growers a Competitive Edge

Agriculturalists looking to boost their bottom line are increasingly adopting farming containers as their grow medium of choice.Unlike a greenhouse, which must literally be built from the ground up, a shipping container is entirely self-contained and portable. It can be delivered to any site fully outfitted, and can be up and running in virtually no time at all. 

For farmers seeking a competitive edge, this ready-made method offers a decided advantage in terms of speed to market, reducing labor costs, and boosting efficiency.

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How Technology Can Take Your Cannabis Grow to the Next Level

In 2012, when Colorado voters passed Amendment 64, many saw the legalization of cannabis as a great experiment. Since then, marijuana has practically gone mainstream, with medical use becoming legal in more than half of the states in the union, and a rising tide of states allowing recreational use. As a result, cannabis is now a booming industry. In 2017, the U.S. market saw sales reach $9 billion, and analysts predict that figure will rise to $21 billion by 2021. That would make the cannabis industry bigger than the NFL, America’s most profitable sports organization, which generates about $13 billion in revenue.

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